Liz + Del


Liz emailed me stating she found me on Instagram through another photographer and that she just loved my work! I was sold from the moment we chatted :) We met up at Beatrix in River North and she began to tell me about how she and Del met (read below), the vision for their wedding and what they really wanted from the whole experience.

Liz is definitely one of the most organized people I've met to date. If you haven't thought of something, she has. She's a go-getter and those are my people. It wasn't long after we sat and had coffee that Liz wrote to me:

"I really admire your style as it feels natural but still special, and it feels sentimental, somehow. Not sure how to describe it - but I certainly do like it!"

I was so excited to begin this adventure and share it with all of you. This is THEIR love story. 

"My fiance, Del, and I met the last two months of College at Marquette in Milwaukee, WI. We officially started dating only two weeks after our first date. As he began work full time in WI and I in Chicago, we continued our relationship 'long-distance' and became weekend warriors taking the Amtrak and driving often. After two years, he got a job in Chicago and we were able to spend more time together. I've had several different apartments in Chicago and we have always loved walking and discovering the neighborhoods (Andersonville, Lincoln Park, Loop, Gold Coast). We now live together in a condo in River Forest but we still go downtown to just wander, window shop, and find good coffee on a regular basis. On the weekends, I enjoy watching him play hockey and he watches me play soccer in the park district league."

Their wedding will be in the Old Irving neighborhood during Labor Day weekend and we will be venturing to the Riverwalk, where they love to explore and then to a few other spots before we head to Old Irving Brewing Co. for their reception.

I had a blast roaming around Oak Park with them as they showed me some cool spots! They showed me some of the Frank Llyod Wright Architecture and I got to see his home and studio from the outside. What a beautiful neighborhood! 

Congrats, Liz & Del. I can't wait to celebrate with you both next month!