Snowy East Lakeview Engagement Session | Allison + Mike | Chicago, Illinois

It seems like forever ago I was just becoming friends with my then neighbor, Allison. Soon after her boyfriend, Mike moved in and our little group became fast friends. We bonded over nights in with our dogs (who are dating), Farkle games, Onesie parties among many other nights that I could talk about until the sun comes up. It's hard once you're older to meet new friends, but as luck would have it they are some of our closest friends.

Allison and Mike met at Durkin's Bar (a really cool little spot in Chicago) in October of 2012 and by the end of that month, they were inseparable. Mike finally asked Allison out and as rumor would have it their first date consisted of:

A horrible Halloween movie, Allison's apartment and a really, small/medium (Smedium, if you will) pumpkin shirt...worn by Mike.

I still remember the moment Mike told me he was going to propose to Allison (I half was in shock because it's all she basically wanted in life at this point, haha). That September night I got a text from Mike telling me they were on their way home and I had to run over and attach the ring box to Holly's collar (because Holly is their most important girl). 

Soon after we got a knock on our door and it was the newly engaged couple there to tell us the news! I obviously cried (kinda like I am right now) and I promptly made them come outside for a few pictures to remember the moment.

They are getting married in October this year and I am in the wedding (SO EXCITED) and while I wish I could be their photographer (they have an amazing one: Nicole Jansma Photography), I am so humbled to be a bridesmaid. 

Thank you both for endless nights of fun, a day of moments like the ones in this post and always, always putting each other first.