Hilary and I met about 7 years ago at Goose Island in Wrigleyville. I had just moved here from Wisconsin and was out for a friends birthday when I approached Hilary as we were both seated at the bar. We got to talking, did a shot and exchanged numbers. I knew she would be a constant friend as I started my new journey in Chicago. 

Fast forward a few years or so, and this lady is getting MARRIED!

Over the years we would meet up here and there. Sometimes to workout and sometimes to listen to music in the street and catch up over a drink. When Hilary contacted me after her engagement and asked me to capture their small, intimate day at City Hall - she was chasing after my own heart. Not long ago I said 'I do' to my now husband at the same location. I was thrilled, honored and overly excited to capture their perfect day for them.

Only just meeting Faisal on the day they would get married I could instantly see their connection. He is genuine, personable and showers Hilary with love and lots of happiness - they were both beaming with big smiles the whole entire time I was with them. All the details of the day were planned down to the rose gold bows on Hilary's shoes, the matching boutonniere on Faisal's jacket, Hilary's simple and perfect lace dress from Modcloth and the after party at Club Petterino with their family and friends. 

I had a moment that I was talking to Hilary's mom when she made me tear up talking about the couple. She went on to say that she was so happy that these two found each other. That they are always happy and so in love with each other, but most importantly that they always know where the other one is and when one of them walk into a room the other one instantly lights up.

That's the kind of love you hear about in all those romance novels and watch in all the movies.

Take a peek into some of their day as they became Husband & Wife, 

Congrats, Hilary & Faisal!